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"Prowler" for trumpet and electronics was peformed by Kelly Rossum at the 40th Annual Conference of the International Trumpet Guild in Columbus OH, May 28, 2105 --and, at the Electroacoustic Barn Dance in Fredericksberg, VA, on October 2, 2105.

Abandoned Roadside Chorale (marimba due) is now available from Keyboard Percussion Publications


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"Dreamscape" for solo piano will be recorded soon by acclaimed British pianist, Martin Jones for a CD release next year on the PnOVA label.  He perfomed the work at Radford University in November.

Prowler performance at the International Trumpet Guild Conference, Columbus, OH

Latest News

The Pastiche Chamber Ensemble performed Gilded Age on Tuesday, September 29 at Baylor University, Thusday, October 1 at Temple College, and Friday, October 2 at Oklahoma Baptist University.

Mary Hellmann  performed Rocket for piano and electronics on November 11 at the Society of Composers, Inc. National Conference/SCI 50th Anniversary in Gainesville at the University of Florida.

"The Blue Marble" (computer music) was performed at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival in June and the Electroacoustic Barn Dance (Frederickburg, VA) in November 2016.

Dennis Kransnokutsky, viola and Maja Rajkovic, piano performed Tango (viola, piano) and Dreamscape (piano) at Christopher Newport University (Newport News, VA --April),Conservatoire National de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal and Belgrade, Serbia --May, Elizabeth City and Murfree sboro, NC --October